Saturday, May 1, 2010

SSMPropEditor 4 beta 1 – renumber sheets

SSMPropEditor 4 introduces some real time savers that you now can give a try if you are a user of AutoCAD’s Sheet Set Manager. In the post SSMPropEditor sneak peeks I showed the indexing/renumbering functionality making it possible to renumber all or selected sheets in a sheet set as well as counting the number of sheets and changing the path to the sheet drawing.

To use Sheet Indexing select at least one sheet and the property you want to act on. Click on Sheet Indexing button. If you want to index or renumber all sheets it is enough to select just one sheet and then use the All Sheets option.

Next make the changes in the dialog box to match your needs. Minimum value length pads with leading zeros to specified minimum length. If you want 001 you set the value to 3.

This can for example be useful if you add new sheets in between or move the location of sheets and need all sheets numbered in one series. Imagine having to renumber 100 or more sheets manually using SSM. It takes a lot of time and is a tedious work. Now with a few click this can be done automatically.

In addition to new features there have been performance improvements when selecting sheets in the tree view as well as some small bug fixes and UI improvements.

It is not advisable to use this beta on production sheet sets. It is recommended that to backup the DST. Or even better take a copy of a DST and try on. SSMPropEditor only edits the actual DST file and not the drawings in the sheet set. Please report any issues found. Contact us with all feedback good and bad.

Here is the download for the beta. It is time limited until end of May. To make it possible to keep running any current installation of SSMPropEditor there is no installer. You just create a folder on your PC and extract the files to it. The program to run is SSMPropEditor.exe.

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  1. We have had a home built version of this since right after we started using SSM - due to what you said - renumbering 100+ sheet sets. I still don't know why this isn't built into AutoCAD. Thanks.


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