Thursday, March 17, 2011

AutoCAD XLINE Offset

In AUGIWorld March 2011 I learned about the this XLINE trick in AutoCAD by Beth Powell.

“From the command line you can type “O” for Offset or choose it
from the drop-down menu of your dynamic input. It works just
like the Offset command in your modify tools. Let’s say you have
a rectangle. If you use the Modify version of the Offset command
it will offset the entire rectangle. But if you use a construction line
offset you can offset only one side.”

Command: XLINE
Specify a point or [Hor/Ver/Ang/Bisect/Offset]: O

Specify offset distance or [Through] <190.9883>: Specify second point:
Select a line object:
Specify side to offset:
Select a line object:

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