Friday, March 18, 2011

Automation of Surveying

I remember how in early 1990s I was creating programs to import and export coordinates from AutoCAD to a total station and how it was used to locate the holes to be done for chair foundations in a large public hall.

The image is showing aerial LIDAR surveying from a paraplane operated by a Scandinavian Laser Surveying company.

What about those in the surveying trade?

Houston Neal over at Software Advice says:

“Surveying is going through a technological renaissance. The increased adoption of machine guidance systems has renewed the importance of the surveying trade. This technology calls for a highly-trained workforce, and surveyors are the most qualified for this job. But to get in on the action, surveyors need to learn to use this technology and re-brand themselves.”

“In addition to getting training, surveyors need to brand themselves as machine control experts. Contractors, land engineers and surveyors are all vying for this title and no one has proved themselves in the role yet. Land surveyors are the most qualified for the job, so they should position themselves accordingly. And to support this claim, they need only point to the existing state laws that require surveyors to be part of the machine control setup process.”

Read the whole article at Automation of Surveying Creates Disruption and Opportunities

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