Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Convert DWF to DWG

Did you know that you can convert from DWF to DWG using Autodesk DWF Viewer and AutoCAD?

In the DWG Viewer zoom into the area you want to convert and select Copy from the Edit menu (in DWF Composer select Copy Drawing).

Then in AutoCAD run Paste Special from the Edit menu and select the option AutoCAD Entities.

You will end up with AutoCAD objects like 2D Polylines and text with colors retained. One some tests I did I found out that some True Type fonts where converted correctly when others did just show up question marks or other characters.

If the text was really small when viewed in the viewer it just ended up as a rectangular box. To get them as text you have to zoom in closer to the text within the viewer before copying.

Other observations where that the font names where named like" WMF-SansSerif Bold4eeb5e80" and the like. You will also loose in precision depending on the settings used when publishing the DWF.

Conclusion is that it's not a good conversion but could be useful sometimes.

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