Sunday, December 19, 2004

Quick plotting in AutoCAD using the previous plot settings

In AutoCAD you might have noticed that you can plot using the last or previous settings you plotted with. In the Plot dialog box and the Page setup name drop down box there is the entry Previous Plot.  If you want to plot quite many drawings with the same setting it takes some seconds to open the Plot dialog box and select this option. To make this quicker you can use any of the following tips:
1) Create a Toolbar button and add this code to it: ^C^C(command "-plot" "no" "" "previous plot" "" "" "" "");
2) Add a new Tool on the Tool Palette and add the above code to it.
3) Create a quick command for it named PP by using the following code:
(defun c:pp ()
  (command "-plot" "no" "" "previous plot" "" "" "" "")
This code can be added to any of your automatically loaded lisp files. For example acaddoc.lsp

Now use it like this. Plot one drawing using the Plot command and set the settings like you want. Then for the rest of the drawings use any of the 3 above tips.

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