Monday, March 7, 2005

AutoCAD 2006 Hatch enhancements

Hatch creation is enhanced to include ability create separate hatches. This is useful if you want to hatch multiple objects and have the hatches separated. The custom hatch tab has been improved. Instead of showing the whole path to the hatch as it did before only the name shows and the path as a tool tip. AutoCA2006hatch.png (41875 bytes) AutoCA2006hatchgrad.png (48183 bytes) AutoCA2006hatchgradopt.png (67973 bytes) AutoCA2006hatchCustom.png (15423 bytes)

Hatch editing has been enhanced to include ability to recreate boundary. You can even choose if you want it associated with the hatch or not as well if you want it as a region or a polyline. (No more need for my hatchb.lsp tool ;-)

You have also much more control of the hatch origin now. You can set it to bottom left or right, top left or right, center or pick a point. It's also possible to easy remove and add islands as well as view the current selection.

The dialog box has been streamlined and is more intuitive now. Here is how it looked like in 2005 and now in 2006.

AutoCA2005hatchedit.png (29875 bytes)

The area of one or multiple hatches can also easily be retrieved using the properties of the hatch object(s). See the cumulative area below.

AutoCA2006hatchProp.png (9342 bytes)

The area can also be retrieved with a field as shown below. Observe also the improved formatting that allows to convert from mm² to m² as well as adding prefix, suffix and more.

AutoCAD2006hatcharea.png (82033 bytes)

with limited permission from Autodesk.

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