Saturday, March 12, 2005

AutoCAD 2006 Sheet Set Manager more enhancements

Here are some more enhancements:
  • Import multiple layouts as sheets.
  • Sheet Set Publish Options dialog has been modified to also include block properties and attributes in published DWF files.
  • It's possible to select multiple sheets and open them or open them as read only.
  • Renaming of sheets has been improved.
  • Now it's possible to rename the file name as well.
  • The option "Rename Associated Drawing File to Match Sheet Title" changes the drawing file name to match the sheet title.
  • The option "Prefix Sheet Number to File Name" changes the drawing file name to a new name formed by adding the sheet number to the beginning of the sheet title.
  • There is a "Previous" button in the rename and renumber dialog box for sheets and views so now you can take either the next sheet or the previous.
  • On the View List tab you can select if you want to view by "category" or by "sheet".
  • The Sheet Properties also includes Revision number, Revision date, Purpose and Category.
  • The Create Sheet Set Wizard has an option to "Create a folder hierarchy based on subsets.
  • There is a new little button on the Sheet List tab that lets you refresh the sheet status.
  • When creating subsets there is an option to "Create Folders Relative to Parent Subset Storage Location". This option provides a convenient method for creating a folder hierarchy in parallel with the subset hierarch

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  1. Restored comments

    J.N. said...


    We have a fairly large package of plans (~700 sheets) that we are in the process of doing the last few formatting/QC steps (page numbering, sheet title, sheet index, etc.) prior to going into major print production.

    We are trying to automate the process via Acad 2005’s Sheet Set feature, but unfortunately we have run into some limitations that prevent us from fully utilizing it for our purposes:

    • The “sheet title” field has a 64 character limit (the sheet title in our plans typically have 2 – 3 lines)

    • There are no formatting options for applying “hard returns” to drop sheet titles into multiple lines.

    • Certain characters cannot be used, specifically commas - our sheet titles contain commas.

    • The Sheet Set interface is rather awkward. When having to organize sheets and subsets, there is no way of moving multiple sheets at once. Each sheet has to be moved individually – very slow.

    • Fields have to be “active” objects in the sheet in question. They cannot be part of a block or an xref like RTEXT. Deploying the desired fields into the individual sheets becomes an issue when you have to deal with ~700 sheets.

    I understand there are some enhancements for 2006. Would anyone know if any of the above limitations have been addressed in the new version, or if there are any patches, extensions, 3rd-party plug-ins, etc?

    Thank you.
    March 24, 2005
    JTB World said...

    The "sheet title" field is mere a description of the sheet and you have to use sheet properties for the sheet title rows. Then other characters can also be used and you will have control on "hard returns".

    I agree that it's a hassle that only one sheet can be moved at once.

    If you want to make changes to or with multiple sheets you have to know something about scripting to be able to exchange fields. They can be placed in a block and are then easier to update with a script.
    March 27, 2005
    Anonymous said...

    I wish there was someway (other than bringing up the right click short-cut menu) to update a sheet list table. Like using a command or lisp routine!!!
    November 30, 2005


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