Saturday, March 12, 2005

AutoCAD 2006 Sheet Set Manager more enhancements

Here are some more enhancements:
  • Import multiple layouts as sheets.
  • Sheet Set Publish Options dialog has been modified to also include block properties and attributes in published DWF files.
  • It's possible to select multiple sheets and open them or open them as read only.
  • Renaming of sheets has been improved.
  • Now it's possible to rename the file name as well.
  • The option "Rename Associated Drawing File to Match Sheet Title" changes the drawing file name to match the sheet title.
  • The option "Prefix Sheet Number to File Name" changes the drawing file name to a new name formed by adding the sheet number to the beginning of the sheet title.
  • There is a "Previous" button in the rename and renumber dialog box for sheets and views so now you can take either the next sheet or the previous.
  • On the View List tab you can select if you want to view by "category" or by "sheet".
  • The Sheet Properties also includes Revision number, Revision date, Purpose and Category.
  • The Create Sheet Set Wizard has an option to "Create a folder hierarchy based on subsets.
  • There is a new little button on the Sheet List tab that lets you refresh the sheet status.
  • When creating subsets there is an option to "Create Folders Relative to Parent Subset Storage Location". This option provides a convenient method for creating a folder hierarchy in parallel with the subset hierarch

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