Friday, March 11, 2005

AutoCAD 2006 Sheet Set Manager enhancements

Here are some SSM enhancements:

The eTransmit Transmittal Setups dialog box has a new Import button that opens the Import Transmittal Setups dialog box.

New Project Control properties have been added to the Sheet Set Manager. Project number, Project name, Porject phase, Project milestone.

To open a sheet or resource drawing in a read-only mode, right-click the name of the sheet and click Open Read-Only on the shortcut menu. If the sheet or resource drawing is already open, the Open Read-Only shortcut menu item is unavailable.

Missing sheet status icon. You now receive visual notification if sheets in the Sheet Set are not found. The icon for the sheet is replaced with a red exclamation point (!) if the sheet name is unavailable or if a subset is missing all sheets.

SSMPOLLTIME - Controls the time interval between automatic refreshes of the status data in a sheet set.

SSMSHEETSTATUS - Controls how the status data in a sheet set is refreshed.
Sheet and Sheet Set information/properties can be published to DWF's.

Eattext can grab block attribute data from Sheet Sets.

It's not that that many enhancements that I had wish for so I hope more work will be done for AutoCAD 2007.

1 comment:

  1. Restored comment

    Bruce Jones said...

    I will try that out, thanks for the great tip
    June 12, 2005


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