Friday, October 14, 2005

DWGgateway to create PDFs within AutoCAD

I've just tried the latest version of the free DWGgateway to see how it can create PDF files from within AutoCAD.
If you want to create PDF files for free there are better alternatives in my opinion that also works from any application. I can then recommend
From what I can see DWGgateway cannot be configured much. It forces you for example to plot both the model and the layout to PDF even though I just want the layout. It uses the saved page setup and does not use the AutoCAD plot interface.
Here is what SolidWorks says.
Create industry standard PDF documents from within AutoCAD at no cost.
DWGgateway enables AutoCAD software user to open and edit any DWG file and create PDF documents that can be shared with virtually anyone, at no cost. This new capability, available today at, makes it easy for design engineers to share designs with anyone, regardless of whether the recipient has AutoCAD software. The recipient needs only free Adobe Reader software, nearly as common on desktops as a Web browser.
This capability eliminates the need to upgrade the AutoCAD software to new versions simply to work on files created by users of newer AutoCAD products. In this way, the DWGgateway software tool fosters open collaboration and saves users the time and money of unnecessarily implementing new products. As a result, AutoCAD software users can work efficiently with colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers instead of receiving "incompatible version" messages. More than 150,000 AutoCAD software users have downloaded the software component from SolidWorks Corporation.
Try it for yourself at:

1 comment:

  1. Restored comments

    Anonymous said...

    It does not work very well
    It creates a multi page pdf of model space and your layout tab.
    It does not work with your .ctb files either so you end up getting a colored pdf
    October 14, 2005
    Anonymous said...

    ^^^ I second that!
    October 18, 2005
    Anonymous said...

    It's not free but for those who wish to publish their drawings in PDF format I highly recommend taking a look at Pushbutton PDF from Bluebeam software. It works flawlessly, does take plot styles into account, plots all standard engineering drawing size, etc.. Excellent package for a reasonable price!! Also, they are are supposed to be releasing a PDF markup tool with their next revision due out November 25th.
    October 24, 2005
    Anonymous said...

    DWGgateway is a marketing ploy to get your email address. We tried it in ACAD2006 and it plotted ALL views and layouts and it even plotted the Defpoints layer! It also checks for updates every time you launch AutoCAD using network bandwidth.

    Our IT Manager got sick of us downloading all kinds of freeware that runs pop-up ads with every use. We just got AcroPlot Pro last week and it is defantly built for AutoCAD users. Problems solved and now back to work.
    October 24, 2005


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