Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Remove Sheet Set association on a sheet drawing

You might have used Sheet Set Manager (SSM) in AutoCAD 2005 (in AutoCAD 2006 and newer the association is normally automatically removed) and later on want to remove the association of sheets to the specific Sheet Set.

This can manually be done by deleting (or temporary move) the dst file for the sheet set, open the drawing(s) and when prompted for Lost Set Association select the Remove button.

If you have multiple sheets it's possible to script this.
You can use SmartPurger or some other tool to script multiple drawings and run this code to remove the association to the sheet set:
(dictremove (namedobjdict) "AcSheetSetData")

If you are using SmartPurger just save the row above into a text file using Notepad and name it for example disassociatessm.lsp and add it to the Settings>General>Script/lisp file. Then run SmartPurger and select the files you want.

For dictremove to work the sheet must first be deleted from the sheet set and the drawing must be saved after running the code.

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  1. Restored comment

    mabel said...

    this is cool! thanks!! i've always need to open up each drawing and remove the link manually when the dialog box prompts for it every time i archive a set of drawing to a different location and the sheet set .dst is no longer available! thanks!!
    April 25, 2007


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