Friday, July 21, 2006

Hotfix - Cut and Paste - AutoCAD 2007 based products

A must install if you want to save down to AutoCAD 2000 or AutoCAD Release 14 file formats.

This hotfix will correct a problem where cut and paste, copy and paste, block and insert, wblock and insert, and drag and drop operations fail in drawings that are saved in AutoCAD® 2000 and AutoCAD® Release 14 file formats.

If you open or create a file in AutoCAD 2007 and save it in AutoCAD 2000 or AutoCAD Release 14 file formats and then open the drawing in AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, 2002 or AutoCAD Release 14 and attempt to cut and paste, copy and paste, block and insert, wblock and insert, or drag and drop objects, then these operations will fail.

Once the hotfix is installed, drawings that are subsequently saved in AutoCAD 2000 and AutoCAD Release 14 formats will work as expected. However, drawings that were previously saved in these formats from AutoCAD 2007 will continue to have the problem unless they are resaved with the hotfix applied. The 2000 from 2007 Find Utility below can be used to help identify those drawings. If you have a large number of drawings that need to be resaved, DWG TrueConvert is a free utility that will make the job easier. Make sure you apply the hotfix to DWG TrueConvert before resaving the drawings.

Update: Even though the published date on the hofix is 2006-07-20 it is the same as the one published 2006-06-16. What is new is the Find 2000 from 2007 utility.

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