Wednesday, July 19, 2006

June misc catch up

Here is a catch up post after the vacation.

Uni-Verse is a website that might be a big thing. "Our goal is to create an open source Internet platform for multi-user, interactive, distributed, high-quality 3D graphics and audio for home, public and personal use. The platform will support high-quality 3D-graphics as well as high-quality 3D-audio and acoustic simulation. The foundation of the platform is "Verse", a lightweight, low latency, general-purpose network protocol for 3D data, which lets multiple applications act together as one large system by sharing data over the network."

New Architectural Desktop Community Launch at AUGI!

Autodesk Design Review 2007 was Released (this product used to be called Autodesk DWF Composer). Shaan Hurley came with the news and Scott Sheppard blogged about a great New Features Table. Link to the Autodesk web site:

Autodesk DWF Writer 3.1 was released. Link to the Autodesk web site:

Autodesk DWF Viewer 7.0 was released. Scott blogs about it. One problem with printing that had a workaround in version 6.5 is now solved.
Link to the Autodesk web site:
Autodesk web browser forum:
Autodesk news reader forum: news://
AUGI Design Review General forum:
AUGI Design Review Wish List forum:

Updated Autodesk DWG TrueView. No admin rights to execute the application now. It works for restricted users as well. So hopefully the problems I blogged about are gone now. Here's instructions if you have the older version.
Link to the Autodesk web site:

AutoCAD 2007 hotfixes:
Hotfix - Fatal Error During Save -
Hotfix - Cut and Paste -
Certified Hardware XML Database Update -

Shaan blogs about the Customer Error Reporting (CER) page.

Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007 Tutorial Updates -

Through the Interface by Kean Walmsley, Autodesk is a relatively new blog with great posts like Getting started with AutoCAD and .NET and Calling ObjectARX functions from a .NET application.

DbView for AutoCAD 2007 available to download on Shaan's Between the Lines blog. It's a useful tool to look into the DWG database.

KB article on Tilting wheel mouse button does not pan to the left or right in AutoCAD 2007. The tilt feature does not really pan to the left or right. Instead, it scrolls. You should make sure that the Display scroll bars in drawing window option is selected in the Options settings on the Display tab. Once this option is selected, tilting the wheel to the left or right should work as expected.

ARCHIdigm about ADT 2007


  1. AnonymousMay 16, 2009

    Whill there be a dbview.arx that works for AutoCAD 2009 or AutoCAD 2010?

  2. According to sources at Autodesk dbview.arx will not be updated any more. Too bad, I think it was pretty useful.


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