Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ObjectDCL is going open source

According to a post in the newsgroups ObjectDCL (an interactive replacement of the DCL language for developing dialog boxes within AutoCAD using AutoLISP) is going open source. Let's see when it will be recompiled and upgraded to work with AutoCAD 2007.
Chad behind ObjectDCL is "going to post ObjectDCL as an open source project on www.sourceforge.net. Anyone will be able to download the compiled software and anyone will be able to sign in and contribute to its further development. Essentially ObjectDCL will become a community development project."

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  1. Restored comments

    Anonymous said...

    ObjectDCL is no longer open source. DuctiSOFT Inc bought the project and put it back on track.

    You can find the new version, release 3.5, on http://www.ductisoft.com.

    It works for R16 and R17. The editor is now free and the project is more stable and reliable than ever!
    June 24, 2007


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