Saturday, September 15, 2007

Is Technorati ranking broken?

I noticed that my friend that has the RobiNZ CAD Blog and JTB World Blog had the exact same ranking on Technorati. What a funny coincidence I first though.

 image  image

There is only one thing that I wonder. Is Technorati's Ranking broken? In the FAQ about what Authority is it says "If your blog's rank is, say 305,316, this indicates that there are 305,315 blog ranks separating your blog from the #1 position."

But how can then two blogs have the same rank?

I then found that when the Authority is identical the rank is that too.

For example BLAUGI (often posts by Mike Perry) and his Mistress of the Dorkness (by Melanie Perry).

image image

Never trust these ranking numbers... At least the FAQ is wrong and still it was referred to a few days ago by the Technorati Weblog.

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