Thursday, September 13, 2007

Spell checking in other languages in Windows Live Writer 2008

There is a hack to get spell checking to work in Windows Live Writer 2008 (aka WLW) for your language.


Locate C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\Dictionaries (<program files>\Windows Live\Writer\) that is the location for the release Beta 3 or later.

From what I have found you need the english version of WLW and you can find that one at It seems to not work if you have another language installed (if you find the trick add a comment below).

Rename ssceam.tlx to ssceam.old and ssceam2.clx to ssceam2.old.

Find your language file and download it. Rename the TLX file to ssceam.tlx and the CLX file to ssceam2.clx.

Here you can see how the spell checking works in Swedish. (Nu fungerar också rättstavning på svenska!)


To have this work you need to get the correct dictionary file

Language TLX file CLX file Download
English (American, USA) ssceam.tlx ssceam2.clx here here TP
English (Australia) ssceau.tlx ssceau2.clx here
English (British,United Kingdom) sscebr.tlx sscebr2.clx here here TP
English (Canadian, Canada) ssceca.tlx ssceca2.clx TP
Norwegian? sscecb.tlx sscecb2.clx TP
Danish (Dansk,Danmark,Denmark) ssceda.tlx ssceda2.clx TP
Dutch (Nederlands,Holland,Netherlands) sscedu.tlx sscedu2.clx here here TP
Spanish? sscees.tlx sscees2.clx here
French? sscefc.tlx sscefc2.clx here
Finnish (Suomeski, Suomi, Finland) sscefi.tlx sscefi2.clx here here TP
French (Français,La France) sscefr.tlx sscefr2.clx here here TP
German (Deutsch,Deutschland,Germany) sscege.tlx sscege2.clx here here
German (new spelling?) sscegn.tlx sscegn2.clx TP
German (old spelling?) sscego.tlx sscego2.clx TP
Italian (Italiano, Italiana, Italy) ssceit.tlx ssceit2.clx here here TP
American Legal Terms sscela.tlx sscela2.clx TP
British Legal Terms sscelb.tlx sscelb2.clx TP
American Medical Terms sscema.tlx sscema2.clx TP
British Medical Terms sscemb.tlx sscemb2.clx TP
Norwegian (Bokmål,Norge,Norway) sscenb.tlx sscenb2.clx see sscecb
Portuguese (Brazilian,Brasil,Brazil) sscepb.tlx sscepb2.clx here TP
Portuguese (Iberian,Portuguesa,Portugal) sscepo.tlx sscepo2.clx here TP
Spanish (Español,España,Spain) sscesp.tlx sscesp2.clx here TP
Swedish (Svenska,Sverige,Sweden) sscesw.tlx sscesw2.clx here here TP

Most spelling dictionaries are also available at TP as a 4MB download. You need to run the installer and all files will end up at C:\Program Files\TextPad 4\Spelling

You might find that you need to use the little freeware I made in case your Windows is not set to english.

To download Windows Live Writer beta in other languages (28 languages so far supported):



French (Canada)



Find your locale ID and try if it works. Notice that check spelling might not work then.


  1. Restored comment
    by Mario
    Thanks a lot for sharing this hack. I was able to install the spanish dictionary but the special characters asre not showing right. Do you any way to fix this?

    by JTB World
    Not sure if the problem is with the dictionary or WLW. My suggestion is that you try to download the dictionary from another location.

  2. I tried to install the Portuguese files, but i couldn't find these on Idiom Options of Windows Live Writer. What should i do?

  3. You may consider trying the latest beta that supports Portuguese.
    New WLW beta

  4. While installing all these programs, it was very difficult to save in the respective folders. Before I installed the beta version, I execute all the tips that you recommended; although, I couldn't save the programs properly, so that i have deferents locations to TP program, which one of them is fill with spelling files; and the other with the portuguese spelling files that i downloaded in your blog. Now i can associated which one i should run with the beta version that i installed. Now I'm concerned about the locations and which program should i definitely run.

  5. With the newest beta there should be a dictionary in Portuguese. Other than that I suggest you contact Microsoft for help with this. There is a discussion group also for Windows Live Writer.


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