Tuesday, October 16, 2007

3D modeling by Dassault and Microsoft through Live Search Maps

Google SketchUp is getting an alternative it seems with the latest Virtual Earth 3D from Microsoft.


"3D Modelling. We partnered with Dassault to create a new application to allow anyone to create 3D imagebuildings and other objects in Virtual Earth. 3DVIA Technology preview allows you to create textured buildings and save them directly into your map Collections.  This technology preview is the first 3D modeling offering between Dassault and Microsoft. We’re looking forward to community feedback from this release to help shape 3DVIA as it moves from technology preview to a first official release. "

"Through our partnership we've created a new consumer tool that seamlessly integrates with Live Search Maps Collections. To try it out, switch into 3D in Firefox or IE on windows, right click and choose 'Add a 3D Model. You can share your Collections that contain models just like any other and later this year we'll release an update to our javascript map control that will let you integrate your models into web mashups! Much more on this feature area here on the VE blog over the coming days."


Via Virtual Earth / Live Maps: Live Search Maps v2 is out! Gemini Launches.

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