Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Customize AreaText.LSP for AutoCAD

In the earlier post about AreaText.LSP the result was in SQ. FT. Several users have asked how to get it in other formats like m², cm², etc.

Here is what you do. Draw a polyline. Run the FIELD command and select the Objects Field category>the Object Field name>Area Property and select the polyline. Make changes as you want to the Format, Precision and Additional Format.


Notice the result in Field expression.

Copy the text for example it can look like this:

%<\AcObjProp.16.2 Object(%<\_ObjId 2130314088>%).Area \f "%lu2%pr1%ps[,m²]%ct8[0.001]">%

What is maked bold green is what is the important part.

Now look at the code for AreaText.LSP. Change this row below in the code.

">%).Area \\f \"%pr2%lu2%ct4%qf1 SQ. FT.\">%"

Now pick the correct piece of the field expression so the code look like this instead using one decimal as precision, the conversion factor of .001 and the suffix m².

">%).Area \\f \"%lu2%pr1%ps[,m²]%ct8[0.001]\">%"

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