Saturday, December 6, 2008

AutoCAD Automation Tools 2.1 released

AutoCAD Automation Tools has been improved to make it easier to add files or folders to automate. Select one folder and all DWG’s in all subfolders are added. Now you can use it to only execute AutoLISP files making most any script work possible. Each drawing you want to automate can call an unique LSP file or the same LSP can be used for all or any of the DWGs.

But you don’t need to know AutoLISP or programming. If you know a bit of AutoCAD and Excel basic usage you can make use of AutoCAD Automation Tools and make wonders.

One example of usage is if you have projects with drawings using absolute paths but want to convert them to relative paths. This can be for xrefs, images or other external references. This is useful if you need to move the project to an archive location or for other reasons don’t want to break the links between the files. This was the user case that initiated this update. If you have an idea you want to realize feel free to contact us.

Other example of usage is if you want to search and replace text among many drawings or prepare your drawings before delivering them to the client. You can use AutoCAD attribute export, make changes to the values and then batch update them. The choice is yours.

Visit the website to find out more and download a free trial including free support.

Price per license is 25 EUR or less.

Existing customers are eligible for a free update.

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