Monday, March 2, 2009

AutoCAD 2010 Sheet Set Manager enhancements

AutoCAD 2010 includes an Initial Setup where you among other things can decide if you want to include the Sheet Set Manager palette in your default workspace.

A new Sheet right-click menu option enables you to quickly specify whether a sheet should be included in the publish operation.

From the Publish Sheets dialog box you have the flexibility to select what to include for publish. An entire sheet set, a subset or a single sheet. Access the new Publish Sheets dialog box from the right-click menu by selecting the option to Edit Subset and Sheet Publish Settings.

The Subset Properties dialog box has a new look and feel, similar to the Sheet Set Properties and Sheet Properties dialog boxes. It includes a new control to specify if the subset should honor the sheets’ individual “Include for Publish” settings or if it, the entire subset, should be excluded from the publish operation.

The Subset right-click menu includes similar options.

An icon in the sheet list provides a visual indication of those subsets that are excluded from the Publish operation.

Sheet List Table functionality is more flexible. In addition to creating a sheet list table for the entire sheet set, you can now insert a sheet list table for individual subsets and even individual sheets. You can access this functionality from the right-click menu in the Sheet List table and a new tab in the Sheet List Table dialog box enables you to control the behavior of subsets and sheets. You can specify which sheets to include and which subsets to track so that you are prompted when new sheets are added to that subset.

PDF support has been integrated into AutoCAD Sheet Sets and Publish. You can specify PDF output, including single- or multi-sheet, layer information, and merge control, in the Sheet Set Publish Options dialog box.

The Publish dialog box has also been updated.

In the Sheet Properties dialog box there are also some news. Notice the Rename options where you can rename layout to match Sheet title and Prefix with sheet number. Rename drawing file to match Sheet title and Prefix with sheet number.

Good to see that Sheet Set Manager (SSM) is improved on even though there still is more that can be added to it or be fixed.
Sheet Set Manager is also directly available in Customize Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).

Do you want more out of SSM take a look at SSMPropEditor.

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