Friday, March 13, 2009

JTB FlexReport 5 Beta 4

Final beta is available for JTB FlexReport 5. In these troubling economic times it’s more important than ever to assess all your expensive network licenses (FLEXlm, FLEXnet, IBM LUM, etc) and JTB FlexReport can help you with that task answering questions like these: How to utilize licenses best? What licenses can I cut on? When do I need more licenses? Feel also free to use our support to help you with your specific questions.

Here are some news in this beta release.

Line management. Custom settings can be specified for lines and profiles for them can be saved, applied and used. Line Color, Width, Factor and Style can be specified for each line.

Move other items allows you to move the Legend, X-axis, Y-axis, Title, Date Time and No of Licenses individually.

Feature List Report shows what features exists in the database and between what dates and on what server.

Database discrepancy report makes it easy to find inconsistencies in the underlying data if there is a need to investigate potential problems.

The list reports can also be printed or exported.

IIS service setup is available on request.

Many reported issues have also been fixed.

I’ve tested also on Windows 7 and everything worked as expected.

Documentation: JTBFlexReport5B4.pdf (2.6 MB)

You are welcome to contact us for a free time limited trial.

I plan this to be the last beta before final release of this new reporting functionality. To speed up things I will release this new reporting functionality in a few weeks and wait with SQL Server support that I expected to have included. During this time I will start/continue development work on among other things support for SQL Server, SPLM (Intergraph SmartPlant License Manager), Elprocad, standalone application usage, Primavera, Vertex, Reprise RLM, LSTC-Dyna.


  1. I work in an IT group that manages thousands of users and hundreds of Autodesk product licenses. We use FLEXnet Manager for monitoring our usage. One thing that many forget is that vendors are not obliged to refund you for unused licenses. I don't know any vendors that promise that. Indeed, Autodesk has always refused outright. The only option we have ever seen is cross-grading or upgrading between products. That always incurs a cost so the conversion is not 2 AutoCADs for 1 Inventor Suite or anything like that. It also varies widely by what subscription level you have. Regardless, the tools you provide are very helpful and I'm sure benefit many, especially in times like this.

  2. One things I know some have done is stopped paying maintenance for a few licenses. But that might only be a good idea if you don't expect to have a need for them again in the near future.


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