Monday, May 25, 2009

Multiple vendor daemons on the same license server

There is no problem to have multiple vendor daemons running concurrently on the same server. The Autodesk vendor daemon is adskflex.exe for example.

To set up network licensing for two or more products:

  1. Install the Autodesk Network License Manager.
  2. Install the other license managers as instructed by that vendor.
  3. Specify a unique port for each service in the license file.
  4. Configure and start the Autodesk service.
  5. Configure and start other vendors one at a time.

For detailed steps see this Knowledge Base document:
Combining Autodesk with another vendor's products already using FLEXlm

One comment on the above is that there is no requirement to install Autodesk NLM first. It is also possible to “install” by just copying the required exe files and license files into one folder. I’ve successfully done that before just making sure to use the latest version of the (Acresso) FLEXnet exe files.

FLEXnet/FLEXlm manuals and downloads

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