Tuesday, September 20, 2011

AutoCAD Architecture 2012 Service Pack 1

AutoCAD Architecture 2012 Update 1 or SP1? I think it should be SP1 and that this is just a typo as for the 2011 products it was Updates instead of service packs.

No matter what, this is good news for AutoCAD Architecture users.

Get the AutoCAD Architecture 2012 Service Pack 1 download here: DL17813020. AutoCAD 2012 SP1 is included.

AutoCAD Mechanical 2012 Service Pack 1: DL17809346
AutoCAD MEP 2012 Service Pack 1: DL17813065

The following defects have been fixed for ACA 2012:

Drawing Manager

  • Selecting a sheet with a long name may cause unexpected behavior in AutoCAD Architecture.
  • Opening a project with a large number of files in a 64-bit machine may cause AutoCAD Architecture to crash.


  • Space containment does not work on a 64-bit operating system.

Multi-View Block

  • Exporting multi-view blocks to AutoCAD may result in an incorrect size.


  • Some AEC ARX files are loaded when running AutoCAD Architecture with an AutoCAD profile.


  • Renovation function fails when you add a door or window object during renovation mode.
  • Sometimes the renovation toggle remains enabled even after exiting the renovation mode.


  • Building geometry may change after you activate and then disable the live section.
  • Roof or roof cap solid hatch might be displayed in section incompletely.


  • Some merged space area are calculated incorrectly.
  • When the unit area is inconsistent with its unit length, the calculated space area might be inaccurate.

Structural Member

  • Adjusting column grid can cause beams to lose connection with the columns.


  • Adding tags for doors on multiple reference copies may cause unexpected behavior in AutoCAD Architecture.


  • REPOSITIONALONG command does not work for doors and windows.
  • Running the JOIN command on two connected walls may cause unexpected behavior in AutoCAD Architecture.
  • When you offset a wall using another wall with the same direction as the reference, the offset wall may be created in the opposite direction.
  • The Below Cut Plan display component of doors or window may not display.

The Service Pack brings back the Array dialog functionality by introducing a new ARRAYCLASSIC command.  It also introduces the option to restore legacy Snap behavior by controlling it through the new SNAPGRIDLEGACY system variable:
Creates copies of objects in a regularly spaced rectangular or polar array.
1 – Always snap the cursor to the grid
0 – Only snap the cursor to the grid when AutoCAD prompts to specify a point

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