Friday, September 2, 2011

Free AutoCAD .NET training online

Free online AutoCAD .NET training starting September 8th

This is good news if you would like to learn to program in .NET for AutoCAD.

Starting next week – and for 8 weeks – Wayne Brill, from DevTech Americas, will be delivering free online AutoCAD .NET training live so Wayne will be able to interact with the audience and answer any questions you might have.

To register – yes, for free – go to our API Training page and select “Schedule”, then scroll down to “AutoCAD .NET”, “English”, “Webcast”, “Sep 08 2011” and click “Register” at the far right of the item.

Via Through the Interface

More details that probably will apply for this training:


Want to get under the hood of the .NET API for AutoCAD®? If you wish to customize AutoCAD or develop applications on top of it—without having to learn C++ programming first—then this class is for you.


This course is designed for developers, distributors, resellers, and experienced users of AutoCAD software who would like to develop applications using the AutoCAD .NET API.


Prior experience customizing AutoCAD is not required, but familiarity with the Visual Basic .NET or C# programming languages is expected. A basic understanding of the "end-user" functionality of AutoCAD is required.


This class provides a detailed outline of the features associated with the AutoCAD .NET API. In addition to technical overviews presented by Autodesk experts, this course offers sample Visual Basic .NET/C# code and hands-on labs, as well as examples to get you started.

After attending this course, you will be able to

  • Understand the concepts and functions of the AutoCAD .NET API.
  • Understand the scope of the .NET API, and its relationship to the other AutoCAD APIs
  • Create applications using the AutoCAD .NET API
  • Overview of required .NET concepts.
  • AutoCAD .NET Visual Studio project settings.
  • User Interaction - custom commands, keywords, and selection sets.
  • Database fundamentals – Symbol tables, Transactions, Dictionaries etc .
  • Event handling – implementing and registering event handlers in AutoCAD .NET.
  • User Interface design - WinForms dialogs and AutoCAD palettes.
  • Application deployment and installation.

Training will be presented using Visual Basic .NET. Sample code will be provided in both Visual Basic .NET and C#.


Electronic tutorial materials, sample code and hands-on labs.

Note: Due to ongoing updates, content delivered during the class may differ from that described here.

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