Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Revit Architecture 2012 Update 2 + Revit Structure 2012 Update 2

Revit Architecture 2012 Update 2 and Revit Structure 2012 Update 2 is required to install the add-in for the new Cloud Rendering available for subscription customers.

Enhancement list will be updated within two days to include Update 2 improvements. See bottom with the updates on Update 2.

Revit MEP 2012 Update 2 is not ready yet.
UPDATE: Sept. 29 is Update 2 ready fro Revit MEP 2012 too.

Shouldn’t it be Service Pack instead of Update like the recent AutoCAD 2012 SP1?

Improvements made in Revit Architecture 2012 Update 2 build (20110916_2132):

  • Regenerates Stair and Railing after making adjustments in Edit Baluster Placement or Edit Rail
  • Placement dialogs and selecting the Apply button.
  • Improves the regeneration of a detail number, within an elevation view on a sheet, when the detail number is updated within the properties palette.
  • Improves stability when switching the visibility setting of linked file from By Linked View to By Host View.
  • Corrects Ambient Shadow on objects which are contained within a mirrored linked file.
  • Improves the import of IFC files which contain overlapping walls.
  • Improves stability when exporting a project to DXF which contains a dimension style that is referenced more than 255 times within the project.
  • Corrects the resolution of the background image when calculating offset and scale.
  • Corrects duplicate column creation when using Create columns by Grid when some columns are already created on the grid.
  • Improves stability when setting a view to Realistic display mode.
  • Improves stability when navigating in 3D view after canceling a Print operation.
  • Corrects silhouette display for perspective views in projects with linked files.
  • Corrects the angle of Photometric Web based light sources when exported to FBX.
  • Retains the original IES files when exporting to FBX.
  • Reduces the scenarios where element IDs may become remapped or removed when
    Synchronizing to Central.
  • Improves stability when removing layers from floors, roofs and walls.
  • Corrects gbXML export of curtain walls where window openings were classified as air opening when using simple complexity mode.
  • Improves stability when accessing Help.
  • Corrects mapping of Cable Tray, Cable Tray Fittings, Conduit and Conduit Fittings when exported to IFC.
  • Improves the consistency of beams being unique objects when exported to IFC.
  • Improves the placement of slabs when exported to IFC.
  • Improves the creation of beams, such as length, when imported from IFC.
  • Disables switching to 3D view if current view only is set when exporting to IFC.
  • Enables the export of filled regions to IFC.
  • Enables mass based curtain panels and mullions to be individual elements when exported to IFC.
  • Enables Structural Columns to be exported to IFC.
  • Allows elements hidden by category to be ignored when project is exported to IFC.
  • Enables Unicode support for both Import and Export of families.
  • Changes setting for “Export views on sheets and links as external references” to be enabled when exporting to DGN.
  • Allows exporting to DWFx if the view is blank.
  • Improves stability when exporting to DWG.
  • Improves the export of custom wall hatch patterns to DWG.
  • Improves stability after displaying a warning message.
  • Enables the use of Family Parameter when using the Material Browser Paint tool.
  • Improves stability when modifying part assemblies.
  • Improves stability when working within the Phases dialog.
  • Improves placement of linked point clouds based upon their origin.
  • Improves stability when printing to PDF in batch mode.
  • Improves stability when saving a family into the same folder as the type catalog.
  • Improves stability when upgrading projects.
  • Improves stability when setting a workset from Editable to non-Editable.
  • API: Corrects the sheet size calculation when exporting to one sheet to DWFx.
  • API: Improves stability during Reload Latest/Sync to Central when the document is not allowed to be modified.
  • API: Retains schemas during Sync to Central and allows central file to remain correct.
  • API: Reduces file corruption introduced by extensible storage. 

Improvements made in Revit Structure 2012 Update 2 build (20110916_2132):

  • Sets the level Underlay to NONE, instead of below level, when creating a new level.
  • Maintains graphical display of Rebar when upgrading a project to Revit Structure 2012.  Rebar which was displayed using Medium level of detail in Revit Structure 2011 will updates to use Coarse level of detail with the project is upgraded.
  • Improves stability when adjusting rebar settings which cause the number of rebars in a set to exceed 1000.
  • Restores display cutting of Slanted Columns in plan view when Course level of detail is used.
  • Removes ½” cutback on wood framing members when using medium or fine level of detail.
  • Maintains the alignment method parameter on manually adjusted walls when a Revit Structure 2011 project is upgraded to a Revit Structure 2012 project.
  • Hides analytical nodes that are connected to hidden elements when in Analytical Model edit mode.
  • Improves analytical node display when isolating by either Element or Category.
  • Improves use of analytical model Rigid Link when overlapping beam and column are moved away from each other.
  • Adds Analytical Reset to the right-click menu for an analytical model.
  • Improves stability when setting Alignment Method on an analytical model element, such as a structural wall.
  • Maintains the visibility of analytical models in linked files when upgrading a Revit Structure 2011 project to Revit Structure 2012.
  • Improves floor analytical model shape when boundary line references a curved beam.

Improvements made in Revit MEP 2012 Update 2 build (20110916_2132):

  • Improves stability when routing ducts which utilize an elbow or takeoff to complete the run.
  • Improves stability when dragging a Panel Schedule into a sheet.
  • Corrects the classification of embedded windows within a curtain wall contained within a linked file which is used as the boundary to create spaces.
  • Improves the regeneration time of Ducts after applying a Visibility/Graphics Override.
  • Improves stability when creating a new zone in the zone editor and specifying an already existing name in the properties palette.
  • Improves performance when adding an air terminal to a system.
  • Retains System Type when coping elements from one project to another.
  • Retains pipe and fitting connections when moving piping layout to another level.
  • Improves the display of duct with insulation and lining for hidden line views when contained within a linked file.
  • Improves display of insulation on segments when viewed in ceiling plans.
  • Maintains the type parameter values for panel schedules viewed on a sheet.
  • Maintains circuits when upgrading Revit MEP 2011 projects in Revit MEP 2012

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