Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Autodesk 2018 Licensing News

With the new Autodesk 2018 products the Autodesk Network License Manager does not need to be updated if you have version or newer already installed.

But there are a few other new things that can be worth knowing.

For Collection Multi-User licenses: “Beginning with the 2018 release, package licenses will extend to 4 previous versions back to ease the process of transitioning from previous versions. The list of eligible previous versions and versions available for download on Autodesk account will continue to be the current version plus 3 previous versions.

For example, a package license for AutoCAD 2018 provides access to AutoCAD 2018 through AutoCAD 2014. Running an instance of any one of these versions consumes one license in the package. Running more than one version, even on the same machine, will consume more than one license in the package unless the license consumed is from an Industry Collection. Package licenses created for 2017 and earlier versions of Autodesk software contain current plus 3 previous versions.”

“Due to the new License Cascading behavior, users should launch the higher product first, then the lowest license after (i.e. Open Inventor Professional first, then AutoCAD afterwards). That way, the user would only consume 1 license.” Launching the lower product first will result in 2 licenses consumed.

“A multi-user Industrial Collection license will only consume a single license if the user launches different versions of the product within the collection on the same machine. For example if AutoCAD 2016 is launched with a Collection (multi-user) license and AutoCAD 2017 was also launched by the same user/machine, only a single license would be consumed.”

“If you have a combination of Subscribe and non-Subscribe products, DO NOT combine licenses into one file. They will need to be on different servers/workstations/virtual machines to avoid incorrect licensing count.”

For more details see this document Autodesk Licensing Changes and these links

Our page Autodesk Network License Manager has been updated as well.

JTB FlexReport works fine with the new Autodesk 2018 products. JTB FlexReport can help you to report on your license and product usage. See also our free JTB FlexReport LT product that shows the current usage in a nice HTML report.

Use the Get Feature Descriptions button in JTB FlexReport Config>Features or in JTB FlexReport LT to get the description for the new Autodesk 2018 feature codes that also are on our FlexNet Feature Codes page.

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