Friday, March 9, 2018

JTB BatchAttEdit 2.0 for AutoCAD attributes editing

JTB BatchAttEdit 2.0 is now available and comes with several new features and bugs fixes.

Now you can export/import block attribute data to and from Excel so you can modify the data even further like renumbering, doing find and replace and much more. With filter functionality it’s easier to handle drawings with a lot of attributes. Find block on screen and Zoom to selected block can be done.

This batch attribute editor app for AutoCAD collects attributes in all blocks of specified name patterns in multiple drawings and display in a wide spreadsheet. Then you can edit attribute texts as easy as working with Excel. Once done, click "Apply Attribute Changes" to update values to drawings.

This makes it a great app to for example edit title block attributes across many drawings instead of having to do it one drawing at a time.

Free trial available for JTB BatchAttEdit.

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