Thursday, February 3, 2005

Testing creation of PDF's with 3D contents using Deep Exploration

I've been testing Right Hemisphere's products to see if I could convert some 3D AutoCAD DWG files to the U3D format to be able to embed them into the new Acrobat PDF 7.0 format. I downloaded the trial of Deep Exporation that should be able to convert DWG files into U3D. But I was not able to translate 3D information good enough. Solids where not translated exept if they where created of 3dface objects. When I had created the U3D file I could add it to a PDF using these steps from the Acrobat help file:

1. To select the 3D tool, choose Tools > Advanced Editing > 3D Tool.
2. Drag a rectangle on the page to create the canvas area for the 3D file.
3. In the Add 3D Content dialog box, click Browse to select your 3D file.
4. (Optional) To include a JavaScript (JS) file, click Browse and select the file. If you created a JavaScript file with the same name as the 3D file, it loads automatically when you select the 3D file.
5. Specify how you want your 3D file to appear before it's enabled by choosing a Poster Setting, and then click OK.

Right Hemisphere’s Deep View technology was included in Acrobat 7.0 software to allow users to view 3D content but I'm not impressed of the 3D navigation functionality, it was not so easy to use when I tried with some of the PDF's from Bentleys website. The animation was cool though.

1 comment:

  1. Restored comments

    W. Kirk Crawford said...

    Will the day ever come when the output of any software will work in anyother?
    This is a lot to ask don't you think?
    February 09, 2005
    KDCinfo said...

    Good research/tips. Thanks. Would love to hear more on this...

    I'm getting requests for 3D models in Acrobat using the u3d format; my source being AutoCAD/MD/Inventor.

    Looks like, however, that a converter or another app used as a converter will be the only avenue for quite awhile. Autodesk never did really take to PDF generation...
    April 06, 2005
    utz said...

    extended information (eg. lighting is not passed on :-(
    you have to create/write your own *.js file to get more funtionality out of your model...

    August 18, 2005


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