Tuesday, July 22, 2008

AutoCAD 2009 License Alert Error [1.5.-18]

If all licenses are reserved using the option (OPT) file or in use you might get this message when starting for example AutoCAD 2009:

AutoCAD 2009 License Alert
A valid license could not be obtained by the network license manager.  Try again.  If you are still unable to access a license, contact your system administrator.

Error [1.5.-18]

Looking at the FLEXnet debug log file no denial is listed.

I expect the message to be more clearer and that a row in the debug file be added.

This problem started with the 10.2 version I think and still exist in the 11.4.1 version. Macrovision and Autodesk are aware of the problem so hopefully a solution is coming.


  1. What's the solution to the error 1.5.-18, no valid license alert? There are countless reports of this error, & no fix forthcoming from AutoDesk.

    Does this OPT variable appear in the license, some other file?

    This is preventing our implementation of AutoCAD 2009. AutoDesk refers us back to our vendor...who knows less than nothing about FLEXnet licensing error debugging.

    Daniel B.

  2. One problem have been that there has been two license files used on the license server and when they have been correctly combined it has solved the issue.

    Out-of-date version of the Autodesk Network License Manager (FlexLM)

    Permissions to client side licensing components

    PLIST information missing from the license file (AutoCAD 2007 and newer versions)

    Missing/broken client side licensing components (AutoCAD 2007 and newer versions)

    You find more info here:
    Network licensing error [1.5.-18] when starting the software


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