Friday, July 18, 2008

Lmutil.exe reports too many issued licenses

If your license files contains multiple increments with different expiry dates it can result in that lmutil.exe is reporting wrong.


INCREMENT PACK-VPD_PDMS cadcentre 1.00 01-aug-2008 26 \
INCREMENT PACK-VPD_PDMS cadcentre 1.00 01-jul-2008 26 \

This is the result with a newer version of lmutil.exe (

Users of PACK-VPD_PDMS:  (Total of 52 licenses issued;  Total of 13 licenses in use)

And now when an older version is used the result is correct (

Users of PACK-VPD_PDMS:  (Total of 26 licenses issued;  Total of 13 licenses in use)

This of course affects the result in JTB FlexReport so try to copy the lmutil.exe that is on your license server to the JTB FlexReport folder and it can solve the issue.

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