Saturday, July 26, 2008

AutoCAD 2009 Subscription Bonus Pack 1

With the recent Update 1 and now the Bonus Pack 1 AutoCAD 2009 is worth taking a serious look at if you hesitated when it was released initially.

For subscription customers only, others have to wait until AutoCAD 2010.

It’s finally possible to use the Rotate command on viewports.

Rotating a viewport

Rotated viewports

Purge/Erase Zero-Length Geometry and Empty Text Objects.


Enhanced Measurement Tools with the MEASUREGEOM command makes it especially easier to measure areas.

To reverse the order of vertices in selected lines, polylines, splines, and helixes, use the REVERSE command. You can also reverse polylines with the Reverse option in the PEDIT command.

You can convert a spline to a polyline using the PEDIT command.

This video below shows the rest of the commands in action.

The following commands and system variables have been added or updated for AutoCAD 2009 Subscription Bonus Pack 1:


  • -PURGE

System Variables:


The readme also has a nice VBScript example to Deploy This Bonus Pack.

More can be found on Between The Lines, Develop3D and New Feature Releases Now Available Exclusively for Autodesk Subscription Customers


  1. I now that i should not ask, but its necessary, do know where i can find this pack to download whitout autodesk subscription? Please, don't misunderstand me, its a case of life or death.

  2. Bonus Pack 1 is only available if you have Autodesk subscription. That is how it works.


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