Monday, October 20, 2008

FLEXnet 11.6 includes new lmadmin

Not much new in 11.6 (released in May 2008) but a couple of things. Add a comment below if you have started to use this new version and your experience of it.

  • New license server manager, lmadmin, which requires components with a minimum version of 9.2. Replaces LMTOOLS.EXE and LMGRD.EXE even if they are still available.
  • Support for multiple ethernet hostids on Linux platforms.

The lmadmin license server manager includes all the functionality of the previous lmgrd license server manager together with a web-based, administrative GUI. The new license server manger (lmadmin) supports a GUI client connection over either HTTP or HTTPS.

lmadmin support multiple vendor daemons with one lmadmin process.

The new lmadmin license server manager is compatible with license files and vendor daemons produced by FLEXnet Publisher back to version 9.2.

Includes the new Alert Configuration.

The license server installation includes an example of how to implement an email alerter service.

The currently most recent version of LMTOOLS.EXE, LMUTIL.EXE and LMGRD.EXE is v11.6.0.0. Notice though that there are nothing visibly changed except that it says Acresso instead of Macrovision.

The documentation

and exe files are available to be downloaded here.

Acresso recommends that you use the latest available version of the license server at all times as it includes bug fixes and enhancements, and assures the greatest level of compatibility with all of your licensed applications.

JTB FlexReport support FLEXnet 11.6.

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