Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mensa IQ test

Here is an IQ test the Swedish Mensa set up together with Expressen. You don’t need to know Swedish to do the test. Here is the test site. You have 10 minutes to use. Click on “Starta testet!” to start the test or click here to start and don’t cheat.

Decide what figure is missing. That’s all.

When you are done click on “Beräkna resultatet” to calculate the result. On next page click on “Till resultatet”.

Here is my result.

It says that I got 24 correct answers of 24. A result that is better than at least 96% of the population. The performance is equivalent with an IQ of at least 126.

A result of 131 (IQ in the top 2% of the population) is required to qualify for Mensa so a more difficult test is needed for that.


  1. 24/24 for me too.

    Some of those were pretty funny. (Am I a HUGE nerd if I thought lines and symbols could be funny?)

  2. I too like patterns like in this post on the tessellation paradox. I used to create computer programs to generate things like this, fractals and other stuff just for the fun of it.


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