Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adobe Updater problem solved

AdobeUpdater.exe started to show an annoying empty dialog box each time I restarted the computer. It said the installation was not ready and I could continue it later. I found no way to clearing it or accessing the settings or stopping it from showing up again and again.

I tried installing the latest Adobe Updater 5.1.1 update to no avail.

Eventually I solved it by deleting the Updater5 folder (I have Windows Vista):



  1. that worked for me. I am running windows xp.
    first I had to kill the adobeupdater.exe app in task manager.
    then go to the C:\documents and settings\%acccount name%\local Settings\Application Data\Adobe

    then delete the updater folders.


  2. This also works for the CS4 edition and adobe upater 6


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