Friday, November 14, 2008

Better PDF functionality in AutoCAD 2009 with SBP2

Subscription Bonus Pack 2 is now available if you have subscription. This is for AutoCAD 2009 only.

If you have complained about the bad PDF output and still don’t use any 3:rd party solution this is great news. File sizes have been reduced. TrueType font support has been added, giving you control over precisely how your fonts are displayed and so that you can search text within the PDF files.

On top of that you will be able to use PDF’s as underlays (xrefs) just like with DWF files and you can snap to lines and objects, control the display of layers, move, scale, rotate, and clip the PDF underlay.

If you are not a subscription customer you can expect these news to be included in the next version AutoCAD 2010.

Update. Shaan also mentions Bonus Pack 3 The ability to prepare and print a 3D model to an online service and get back a 3D print of the model. There is also a new blog “Stoeckel on Subs” that I won’t be able to read as I’m not on subscription. I’m only an Autodesk Developer Network member.

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