Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Revit database integration

The Building Coder have an interesting post on Database Integration. This is the kind of work I’ve done a lot of and I fully appreciate the complexity of and the need to be flexible when it comes to different customers and companies workflow. Ownership of data and information flow rules are not as easy as it might look. How many times have I not had discussions about this at meetings. Sometimes it is clear who is the data owner, sometimes the ownership changes during the projects, sometimes more than one claims to be the data owner and other times no one want to take the ownership.

Below you see some of the screenshots I used in a class at Autodesk University 2005 about Multi-discipline CAD usage at an EPC company. At this company we started with Excel lists that were extended with VBA code, integrated with other data sources, usage of Access and later .NET and SQL Server.

One example of software in this area I have created and is selling is ACA_db that makes it easier to use AutoCAD Architecture in the BIM process by making it more flexible to use external data in Property Sets.

If you have specific ideas about database integration that you need help to realize feel free to contact us.

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