Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to rename a Sheet Set dst file

Here is a short tutorial on how to rename the dst file, not only the name that you can see in Sheet Set Manager (SSM) in AutoCAD.

As you can see in Sheet Set Properties you can change the name but not the name of the sheet set data file. It is grayed out.
 Sheet Set Properties

What happens if you just rename the dst file is that “the sheet set association has been lost” if you open a drawing from that sheet set directly without doing it from SSM. It will still try to open the old dst file.

To avoid this click “Ignore lost association” and close the drawing without saving.


Make sure no one is having the Sheet Set or any of the drawings in the Sheet Set open.

Rename the dst file in Windows Explorer. (If someone has the Sheet Set open you will find that the old file will be recreated by AutoCAD.)

Open the renamed Sheet Set in the SSM. Right click on the top node and select “Resave All Sheets”. You don’t want to manually open and save each file from the Sheet Set if you have hundreds of sheets.

Now the drawings have been re-associated with the Sheet Set in a correct way.

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