Thursday, May 3, 2012

AutoCAD 2013 Updated System Variables

Here are updated system variables in AutoCAD 2013 and how they have been changed.

Updated system variables Description How changed
BINDTYPE Controls how xref names are handled when binding xrefs or editing xrefs in place.  
POINTCLOUDDENSITY Controls the percentage of points displayed at once for all point clouds in the drawing . The system variable value is a percentage of the maximum number of points that can exist in a drawing which is defined by POINTCLOUDPOINTMAX, regardless of the number of point clouds attached to a single drawing. Available for viewing drawings w/point clouds in LT.
POINTCLOUDRTDENSITY Controls the percentage of points displayed during real time zoom, pan, and orbit functions. Improves performance by degrading the number of points displayed during zooming, panning, or orbiting in real time. Set this system variable to a value less than the value of POINTCLOUDDENSITY in order to improve performance.
SUBOBJSELECTIONMODE Filters the 3D subobject types that are selected with CTRL+click. Adds a value (5) that specifies that only components in a drawing view are available for selection.
THUMBSIZE Controls the maximum size of thumbnail preview which can be stored. Now accommodates higher resolutions for thumbnail sizes.
XDWGFADECTL Controls the dimming for all DWG xrefs.  
XFADECTL Controls the fading intensity percentage for references being edited in-place. Controls the degree of fading when editing a reference in place or when in a view sketching state (editing view-specific geometry).
XREFNOTIFY Controls the notification for updated or missing xrefs. Now communicates with the Inventor Server to check for updates to Inventor models placed in Model Documentation views.

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