Monday, May 14, 2012

LAYERSTATESAVE - saving or replacing layer state in AutoCAD

The LAYERSTATESAVE command was added to AutoCAD 2010 but has since then been an undocumented AutoCAD command. Use it to quickly save a new layer state or replace an existing layer state. Here is what the online help says and also if you click on help in the dialog box, but no mention of the actual command name.

New Layer State to Save Dialog Box

Specifies a name and a description for the layer state defined in the Layer States Manager.

The following options are displayed.

New Layer State Name: Specifies a name for the new layer state to be saved.

Description: (Optional) Provides a description of the layer state that is displayed in the Layer States Manager.


This New Layer State to Save dialog is also available in the Layer Walk feature. Just click the "Save Layer State…" option in the right-click context menu.

Via Without A Net


  1. By the way, Layer States can accumulate and blow up drawings. Just yesterday i found many drawings that after deleting layer states were 9 MB smaler :/

    Very easy with lisp:

    (foreach i (layerstate-getnames T nil) (layerstate-delete i))

  2. Good tip. DeleteLayerStates included in purger.lsp is another approach.


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