Monday, March 13, 2006

ADT 2007 Scheduling Enhancements

Here are some news in Architectural Desktop 2007 that will be useful.

Hierarchical classification definitions

Classifications can be assigned to individual objects.

List definitions allow the creation of a list of values that can be used as space names, zone names or within a manual schedule property definition.

Graphic Property Definition

Property Set Definition with list definition, graphic property definition, visibility and sort order.

The anchor property definition allows a schedule property to retrieve information from an object to which the scheduled object is anchored.

Schedule Table Title per object

Header override

The new schedule formula column

Schedule with images

1 comment:

  1. Restored comments

    Pedro Aroso said...

    Excellent! Thank you.

    How can I print this tutorial in pdf format?
    March 13, 2006
    JTB World said...

    I've created a PDF. If anyone else would like one just email me at
    March 13, 2006


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