Friday, March 17, 2006

Text enhancements and bugs fixed in AutoCAD 2007

MTEXTFIXED set to 2 and MTEXTED set to “Internal:”. Text that would otherwise be difficult to read (if it is very small, very large, or is rotated) is displayed at a legible size and is oriented horizontally so that you can easily read and edit it. This is great news for many that loved the new mtext editor but could not use it because they for example used so much rotated text.

"Give us back the ability to drag and drop selected text in the In-Place Text Editor. It worked in AutoCAD 2005."

Drag and drop selected text works now again in AutoCAD 2007.

"If using DTEXT and entering underscored text starting with %%U and end the command by two enter leaves an extra row with a dot (invisible if the font is True Type). The text includes only the text %%U. The same when using %%O for overscoring."

This bug is fixed in AutoCAD 2007.

I will eventually go through the bugs in AutoCAD 2006 listed on my website and see what has been fixed or not.

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