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AutoCAD 2007 and Network Licensing

FLEXlm version is supplied with AutoCAD 2007 and has to be used. You need to update to or later. The update can be done quick and easy using this method.

Use the Network License Activation Utility to request a new license file for AutoCAD 2007-based products. It just takes a few minutes and you have the license.

One new feature is support for INCREMENT PLIST as seen in the example below.

================== Example license file ====================
SERVER NLMSVR1 000476e5cb3d
VENDOR adskflex port=2080
INCREMENT 51200ACD_2007_0F adskflex 1.000 permanent 10 VENDOR_STRING=commercial:permanent BORROW=4320 SUPERSEDE DUP_GROUP=UH ISSUED=12-Feb-2006 SN=341-12345678 SIGN="03A5 6350 B274 A1F5 0797 F256 BBD0 1935 0DCF 189B 5B9F 7188 AE4A"
INCREMENT PLIST adskflex 1.000 permanent 1 VENDOR_STRING=A07:51600ACDLAND_2007_0F:52200CIV3D_2007_0F;
0F:53100REVSYP_1_0F SUPERSEDE ISSUED=12-Feb-2006 SIGN="08BD F4CC 1CCE C4A7 8755 A8F7 0F49 2F3E BF9C 8BA0 7876 91D3 E69A"
================== End of example =========================

From AutoCAD 2007 Network Licensing Questions and Answers.pdf:

11. Cascading for Network Licenses

11.1 What is Cascade Licensing?
Cascade Licensing allows a product to grab the least expense license from a network license manager pool when the license manager is servicing more then one product.
For example, you have purchased network licenses for both AutoCAD and Revit Series. In the past when AutoCAD from Revit Series is launched it would always grab a license from the Revit Series pool. If no license is available it would fail to run. With Cascade licensing, AutoCAD from Revit Series would first try to grab a license from AutoCAD pool or the least expensive license. If no license is available it will grab a license from the Revit Series pool.

11.2 Does Cascade Licensing work for stand-alone licenses?
No. This feature relates only to Network Licensing, and the manner in which licenses are drawn from a network license pool on the server.

11.3 How does Cascade Licensing work?
Implementation of cascading licenses allows a user to utilize licenses from more than one license pool on a server, based on a sequence of priorities.
For 2006 based products the network license manager allows product groups to ship a series of software which can all run using a single license. For example, Autodesk Inventor Series is shipped containing Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD Mechanical, and Mechanical Desktop. A user who has these three applications installed on their computer can launch all three products concurrently, and will only consume a single license from the pool.
Cascading licenses will allow users who have purchased licenses for a series product, and have also purchased licenses separately for a product which is a component of the series to draw licenses from the lower-end individual product first before drawing licenses from the more expensive series pool.
Cascading license will "cascade" from the first priority product to the last priority product. When a new product is installed the cascading sequence is automatically enabled on the server.

11.4 How can I turn Cascading on?
Cascading licenses are not turned on or turned off. Cascading licensing is a feature of the network license manager and is enabled through the license file. If an application supports cascading license, the license file will contain a plist, or prioritized list of products.

11.5 How is Cascading prioritized and which products use it?
For each list of products below, the application will try to grab a license from the product listed first.
Prioritization for Infrastructure products:
1. Autodesk Land Desktop Licenses
2. Autodesk Civil 3D Licenses
3. Autodesk Civil 3D Pro Licenses
So Land Desktop will try to first grab a license from the Land Desktop license pool but if a license is not available it will try Autodesk Civil 3D, and lastly Autodesk Civil 3D Pro before denying a license.
Prioritization for Mechanical products:
1. AutoCAD Mechanical / Mechanical Desktop Licenses
2. Autodesk Inventor Series Licenses
3. Autodesk Inventor Pro Licenses
So AutoCAD Mechanical will try to first grab a license from AutoCAD Mechanical license pool. If a license is not available it will try Autodesk Inventor Series and lastly Autodesk Inventor Pro. Inventor will first try to grab a license from Inventor Series first followed by Inventor Pro.
Prioritization for Building system products:
1. AutoCAD Licenses
2. Revit Series Licenses
So AutoCAD will try to grab a license from AutoCAD pool first before trying to grab a license from the Revit Series license pool.

11.6 Can I change how Cascading prioritized?
No, the prioritization is stated as above.

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  1. Restored comments

    Anonymous said...

    how can Autocad 2007 work on microsoft terminal Server is just give me 2 users only i need to open more than 2 Autocad 2007 at the same time
    July 05, 2006
    JTB World said...

    Terminal server is not supported. Not allowed either I think. Check the EULA.
    July 05, 2006


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