Friday, March 17, 2006

Reasons to move from AutoLISP to .NET

I run across this about the next version of CLR namely 3.0 that will be basis for VB 9.0 and C# 3.0. How about things like nested functions, lambda expressions that LISP users are used to?

"Though it is not required for query comprehensions, Visual Basic may support direct syntax for anonymous functions and subroutines (so called "lambda expressions"), which would be translated by the compiler to local function declarations."- Source including more news in VB 9.0.

Then of course there are other reasons to start looking at .NET. With every new release more API opens up if you use managed code and less using AutoLISP and VBA. AutoLISP and VBA still have it's place but I find I use it less.

I'm now working on a project in Visual Studio 2005, VB.NET and AutoCAD 2007 and ADT 2007. Less reason to close down AutoCAD or ADT after using NETLOAD of a DLL because of lack of NETUNLOAD. With the ability to debug, edit and continue quite a lot of code changes can be done during a debug session. This could not be done with VS.2003. Having started to use VS.2005 there will be a hard time to go back to VS.2003 for projects without need to upgrade.

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