Monday, March 27, 2006

Can we download AutoCAD next time?

Behind the Scenes Video: Who Was Shipped the First AutoCAD 2007? Impressive work behind the scenes. Maybe we can have the option to download it next time.

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    Shaan said...

    I know downloaded distribution of products is up on our list but takes a fair amount of subscription web site work to handle all the permissions, logistics, and details. We do it for all betas and have for several years so this is something I have lobbied and worked with teams on and makes sense. You beta test for a few months getting the product immediately then when the product is final you have to wait for a box. You could see something in the not so distant future but no promise and it could start out with some smaller groups of products first. I don't think we would remove shipping products but allow perhaps a either or both option.

    March 27, 2006
    Anonymous said...

    Just use the trial version. Its fully operational with a serial. I've been using the trial version with my 2006 serial since tuesday.
    March 29, 2006
    rabee said...

    i have faced the menu bar and tool bar in my austo cad 2007. after i setup they are not appear . and i have setup the same one on defrent pc and every thing is coll . this debuger probelm is very complex . and i try to know how can i solv it but , i did not , i still wonder if there are way to make the cad work fine
    May 26, 2007


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