Tuesday, February 20, 2007

AutoCAD 2008 on myFeedz from Adobe Labs

Adobe Labs has released a new kind of feed reader or so called social newspaper as a technology preview. I took my OPML from RSS Bandit and gave myFeedz a try. It's pretty nice. Give it a try and see what the news are about AutoCAD 2008 using myFeedz.

Below I also tried some of the API to create a tag cloud as well as showing 5 new articles related to AutoCAD 2008.

My myFeedz profile tag cloud
Five new blog posts about AutoCAD 2008

What is myFeedz
myFeedz is a social newspaper because what people talk about matters. But people talk about too many things. myFeedz finds what's important from the sea of information out there and shows you what you need to read. It learns from what you like and helps you keep up with your interests.
What myFeedz is not
  • myFeedz is not an online RSS reader, although news are tracked via RSS feeds.
  • myFeedz is not a search engine, although you can search articles by specific tags.
  • myFeedz is not a bookmarking service, although you can submit feeds of your favorite websites.
The social component
myFeedz shows the news that matter to the people, the most linked to and referenced news. It also learns from what users like to read and uses that information to better personalize the service for each of them.
Not a regular RSS reader
A RSS reader simply shows you articles from your feeds only, ordered by date. There's no relevance sorting or filtering, you get a lot of noise that makes it difficult to find out what's really interesting.
myFeedz uses artificial intelligence techniques to show you personalized news about topics you are interested in. Some of the things used to create an article's importance are its source, tags, popularity, rating, language and more. Your profile (tags, feeds and reading history) is then also taken into account to determine how important that article is for you.
All this complicated process helps you save time and keep up with the things you like.

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