Monday, February 19, 2007

Installation of AutoCAD 2008 based applications

One of the first things to notice is when installing AutoCAD 2008 or for example AutoCAD Architecture 2008 (formerly known as Architectural Desktop or ADT and soon probably known as ACA 2008) is that the Installation Wizard has been updated.

The help is easy available during the setup. For example if you wonder "When performing a Typical installation, what gets installed?" or "What is the advantage to installing the Materials Library?"

I like that you directly from the media can install using both license types Stand-alone license and Network license. No need to create a deployment if you don't want to. The deployment wizard is only possible to run from the media.

Another nice thing is that you don't get a strange dialog box at the beginning telling you that some components needs to be installed without knowing what these components are. Now you directly see what will be installed prior to AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 2008 Network License Activation Utility has got a facelift but nothing new more than that from what I can see.
Autodesk Product Manager has got it's AdpmProducts.bin updated but looks like before.
Macrovision's SAMreport Lite has not been updated. It is v3.6 that is included.
Macrovision's FLEXnet Publisher (one time named FLEXlm) network license files lmtools.exe and lmgrd.exe are updated and the version is 11.4. (The versions 10.8.5 and 11.4 have been fully tested against Windows Vista by Macrovision)

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