Friday, February 2, 2007

Problem with Mozy on Windows XP and opened/locked files

I have started to get SnapshotError0 using Mozy online backup and followed the advice here but it didn't help. This was the response from Mozy support:

Microsoft has a program running on your computer called the Volume Shadow Copy Service or VSS. VSS is the best option out there for backing up open and locked files. When we chose to use VSS, it was fully supported by Microsoft. Recently, Microsoft has made the decision to stop supporting VSS in Windows XP. It is apparently fixed and supported in Windows Vista, which will be released in January of next year, and in Windows Server 2003.

Why is it still showing "Open/locked file support" on your website when it does not work?

It does, for 99% of our users. Unfortunately, the remainder of our users have trouble. We're continuing to work on a fix, but again, this is Microsoft's software and they have declared an end to Windows XP's support cycle with regards to VSS. This being the case, I would again recommend upgrading to Vista when you have the chance.

Do you have this problem too? Do you have a solution for the VSS problem?

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