Thursday, April 19, 2007

Autodesk 3DSOUT Command for AutoCAD 2007 and 2008 based products

Autodesk has released this 3DSOUT utility to allow you to export 3D geometry using AutoCAD 2007, AutoCAD 2008 or newer in an AutoCAD 2007 or later drawing (DWG) file to a 3D Studio (3DS) file.
Make sure to read the readme. Note the installation instructions if you have Windows Vista.
The 3DSOUT command allows you to create a file in the 3D Studio (3DS) format. 3DSOUT saves 3D geometry and views in the 3DS exported 3DS file. 3DSOUT exports circles, polygonal meshes, polyface meshes, and objects with surface characteristics. Lights and materials created in AutoCAD 2006 or earlier releases are also saved in the 3DS file.
Note Lights and materials created in AutoCAD 2007 and later releases may be exported, but they are not exported properly and their behavior is unpredictable and not consistent with lights and materials created in AutoCAD 2006 and earlier releases.
3DSOUT exports only those objects with surface characteristics. A line or an arc must have a nonzero thickness. A trace or a polyline must have a nonzero width or thickness. Circles, polygon meshes, and polyface meshes are always exported. Solids and 3D faces must have at least three unique vertices. Geometry is tessellated on export, as necessary.
3DSOUT converts named views to 3D Studio cameras. 3DSOUT also converts the following lights (created in AutoCAD 2006 or earlier releases):
  • Photo Real or Photo Raytrace lights are converted to the nearest 3D Studio equivalent.
  • Point lights become omni lights.
  • Spotlights and distant lights become 3D Studio spotlights.
If the name of any object conflicts with a name already in the 3D Studio drawing, the name is assigned a sequence number to resolve the conflict. The name may have to be truncated to accommodate the sequence number.

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