Monday, April 16, 2007

DWL2 the new DWL in AutoCAD 2008

You might wonder what these files are. Normally they are hidden because of the H file attribute but if you have selected to show hidden files you will see them. Now with AutoCAD 2008 based products there is the new DWL2 file besides the DWL file that existed in previous versions of AutoCAD.
If you look at the DWL2 file you will find that it is in XML format.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8">
<username>This is the user</username>
<machinename>Here is the PC</machinename>
<datetime>16 april 2007 12:35:10</datetime>
The DWL file is in pure text format.
Nothing mentioned about the DWL2 file in the help file though.
The information displayed by WHOHAS is stored in a temporary DWL (drawing lock) file. A DWL file is automatically created when a file is opened and then deleted when the file is closed.
Did you know? Running WHOHAS and selecting a DWG that is not open but still has corresponding DWL and DWL2 files because of a crash will simply delete the existing DWL and DWL2 files.

1 comment:

  1. Restored comment
    ralphg said...

    Perhaps DWL2 is just the XML version of DWL, allowing it to be read by software expected XML-formatted files.

    Don't rely on the Help files; much info is missing from them -- perhaps so that Autodesk can sell more courses on learning to use the software.
    April 17, 2007


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