Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spell checking tip for large drawings in AutoCAD 2008

The Spell checking in AutoCAD 2008 has improved but since it wants to zoom into the text it might require regen of the drawing. If you don't want it to regenerate set REGENAUTO to Off. You will get the annoying "AutoCAD Alert: About to regen -- proceed?" once in a while. But there is a better way. Make sure a command is active before running SPELL.
If you don't want the AutoCAD Message "Spelling check complete." there is a simple workaround for that too. Set QAFLAGS to 4 before SPELL and set it back to 0 after. This tip works also for older versions of AutoCAD.
Either you can edit the Spell Check button macro on the Text toolbar using CUI or redefine the command with AutoLISP.
Here is how the macro could look like. If a command is not active start the copy command before spell and cancel it afterwards.
(setvar "QAFLAGS" 4) $M=$(if,$(getvar,cmdactive),'_spell;,^C^C_copy '_spell ^C;) (setvar "QAFLAGS" 0)

1 comment:

  1. Restored comment
    Anonymous said...

    That sure is an awful lot of work for something that could have been easily fixed by autodesk.

    Will they take a hint and provide a "do not zoom" option in SP1? Odds are no.
    April 19, 2007


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