Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Autodesk PLM

We have all probably heard or read how Autodesk frowns on the PLM term for quite a type.

"PLM is a marketing slogan created to satisfy the financial community" according to Autodesk CEO Carl Bass.

Instead it has been a lot of talk about Autodesk Digital Prototyping lately.

"Digital Prototyping is the word Autodesk has coined as the non-PLM person's PLM." - Autodesk Gets the Press Thinking

So first of all I was surprised to see Autodesk among the headlines in a Swedish online IT magazine it24 and then more surprised reading that Ensio Aikio at Autodesk says that "We are on our way into a bigger market, the product lifecycle management market."

Maybe Ensio was just saying that Autodesk want to take a share of the so called PLM market but the wording made me wonder if he have heard what Carl Bass and Andrew Anagnost have been saying.


  1. Hello,
    I think, there are common roots between PLM and BIM. Much agree with your points about Autodesk DP. I'd like to discuss BIM and PLM relationships and future. You can take a look on my last post @ about BIM and PLM ( Cheers.
    Regards - Oleg


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